Smart Shop Management and
Analytics System AI

Intelligent decision support system powered by Artificial Intelligence
(Researche and development)

Deep Machine Learnig System

We are currently researching and aggregating data
needed for deep machine learning process.
We are going to create complete Smart Shop System that
leverages wireless connectivity, edge computing
and deep analytics to optimize offer,
brick-and-mortar stores strategy and marketing.

System will be built as a set of modules with various
configurable features and with full scalability.
Having that, your stores will achieve AI-based algorithms,
creating marketing strategy and sales recommendation
to optimize commercial offer to increase conversion and traffic.


We are passionate about practical usage of AI, building the future and inteligent solutions dedicated for retail, consumer, smart home and indrustrial applications.

Mariusz Pietkiewicz

Business and Marketing

Justyna Wójcik

Office Manager